March Lunch and Earlybird

Spring is here……. Apparently!

Feast your eyes on our great new March Lunch and Earlybird menu.  This runs Monday to Friday 12 noon until 7pm.

If you’re eating later or if you ask us nicely, you can also eat from the Spring Supper Menu

We’ve kept some of our most popular dishes, but I’m sure that you’ll agree there’s some fab new additions too…….

FIXED PRICE  2 courses £12, 3 courses £15


Devilled chicken wings
Asparagus, spring onion, mayo (V)
Today’s soup (V)
Oysters, spiced tomato, celery


Sausage, mash, gravy
(ask the staff for today’s sausage)
Bacon, beans, cider
Portobello mushroom, butterbeans, tomato (V)
Haddock kedgeree

SIDES (£2.00)

Salted back fat & nuts
Chips (V)
Mustard greens (V)
Green sauce (£1.00)
Clapshot (V)
House salad (V)
Boiled potatoes (V)
Yorkshire pudding (50p) (V)
Oyster butter (50p)


Rhubarb mess (V)
Sticky toffee pudding, ice cream, butterscotch  (V)
British cheeseboard (£2 extra) (V)
Wet Nelly, custard (V)
Ice cream selection, shortbread (V)


Lentils, spinach, spiced potatoes £12.80 (V)

Beef and oyster pudding, potatoes, peas £16.80

Portobello mushroom burger, chips (V) £11.50

Rabbit, blood cake, bacon £16.00

Pork, cockles, green sauce £14.00

Fish, beans, tomato £14.50

Calves liver, rhubarb, potatoes £13.50

All our beef is from County Durham

Flat Iron steak, bone marrow, chips  £16.50

(this can only be done rare or medium rare)

Sedgefield Camembert, thyme, chips  £13.50 (V)

Sirloin steak, mushroom ketchup, chips £20.00

The Oldfields burger, cheddar, battered onions, bacon, chips £13.50

A discretionary service charge (non-discretionary for parties of 8 or more) of 12.5% will be added to your final bill. It does actually go to our team of staff. If you don’t think our service was good enough, please feel free to ask any of us to take it off.

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