This is a great way of getting Free Steak!

Simply buy 3 side orders to complement your superb Flat Iron steak and get the steak for…….FREE!!

First course – £4.00

Devilled chicken wings

Soup of the day (V)

Bloody Mary oysters

Rabbit, breadcrumbs, lemon


Steak Course

8oz Flat Iron Steak (FREE – when you buy 3 sides from below)

**We only serve our flat-irons up to medium, they go tough otherwise.

10oz Sirloin steak  (£5.00 – when you buy 3 sides from below)

Sides – £3.00

Proper thick-cut chips                                                 Blue cheese & walnut salad

Watercress & salted back fat                                      Creamed market greens

Grilled mushrooms & tomatoes                               Cider bean casserole

Beer-battered onions                                                    Devilled kidneys

Turnip haggerty                                                              Two Carlingford oysters

Sauces and extras – £1.00

Green sauce                                                                                   Peppercorn sauce

Oyster butter                                                                                 Garlic butter

Mushroom ketchup                                                                     Horseradish cream

Roasted bone marrow                                                                Fried hens egg

Cocktails – £4.50

**These are all fab with steak

Negroni – gin, sweet vermouth, campari, orange

Cosmo – cointreau, lime, vodka, cranberry

French 75 – prosecco, gin, lemon, sugar

Elderflower Collins – elderflower, Bombay sapphire, sugar, soda

Flirtini – champagne, pineapple, vodka

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