We won’t rip you off

I’ve just left work after a busy Valentine service, looking after some loved-up couples and probably some not so loved up. It was a good night, a great, happy shift for us, as we love it when it’s busy.

In my post-shift “warm down”, I generally do some kind of menial task to take my mind off things. Things like ironing, changing a plug (not just random ones though) or walk my crazy dog, all with a beer or wine in hand (even the dog walk! ).

Tonight I’m reading, with a cup of coffee, and a valentine gingerbread man – not given to me by the dog, I may add!

I’m reading an industry magazine, packed front to back with adverts for “lovers” night. I know some of these places, and whilst they’ve spent a lot of money on their snazzy adverts, I can’t help but notice that most of them have put up their prices for this “special” night.

That can’t be right….

A straightforward chicken or lamb dish becomes “Cupids favourite fodder”.

They’re jumping on the “lovers’ bandwagon”, along with flower shops, some of which were selling roses today for £12 a half-dozen! What’s next? Special menus for “national get-the-bus-to-work day” where you swap padded £5 cards at your destination, leave expensive flowers with the driver for your travelling companion?

Now, back to us…..
We didn’t do the bad deed. We didn’t put our prices up, in fact you could’ve ordered from our standard menu and before 7pm we ran our famous 2 courses for £12 deal! Our Valentine deal worked out a great £24.50 per person, for 3 courses and a glass of fizz.

No fancy names for our food either, just simple Meat, Fish and Veg. Real, honest food.

After thinking this through, I’ve just rang the restaurant and we’ve agreed that we’ll continue our deals all weekend, including Sunday.

Remember, we won’t rip you off! Where else will you get that honesty?

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