Bill Oldfield

Oxtail braiseWe’re prepared to eat steaks and other identifiable cuts of beef, as well as the ubiquitous stewing steak where you can’t always be sure what cuts are in it, but many people are funny about the cow’s tail. There’s only a certain amount of meat on it but what there is is really tasty. And when you consider that the best beef stock is made by simmering beef bones, making an oxtail braise is always going to taste good.

So, go on, give this a go. Oxtail’s cheap and easily available; particularly from proper butchers.

This recipe makes a great warming winter meal for two or, if you double up the vegetables in it, a meal for four.

One oxtail – which should already be cut  into 5cm lengths by your butcher
One tablespoon of plain flour
A half teaspoon of English mustard powder
A quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper

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