Bill Oldfield

I’m sure you’ve been there: because you couldn’t leave something alone, you cause a major calamity. Like maybe a dripping tap’s been getting to you so you try to tighten it in situ but only succeed in pulling it off the sink.

There’s water squirting everywhere so you come up with a cunning, if rather poorly-thought out plan, that

involves bending the pipe. But unfortunately, in your panic, you pull the sink off the wall, at the same time dislodging the other pipe and pulling off a metre square of plaster. And, sitting there under your new but unintentional shower, you wonder why you didn’t just leave everything alone because, after all, you could have put up with a dripping tap.

Or maybe you’re not the type that would tackle DIY but you’ve definitely been there you know. Like you see a thread hanging from your jumper. In trying to…

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