The rise of the single dish restaurant

The rise of the single dish restaurant

Theres an apparent rise, especially in London of the “Single dish restaurants”.

A handful of places are going against the grain, and offering limited choices, instead of the usual “x” amount of starters, mains and puddings.

A great example is Mark Hix (a bit of an icon for us) with his fabulous Tramshed where he only sells chicken or steak. Other places are at it too; Burger and Lobster in Soho are serving the two afore-named dishes, with chips for £20.00. One restaurant only sells hot dogs and champagne (now there’s an acquired taste). And there’s even a place called Flat Iron which serves Flat Iron steaks like ours and nothing else!

What should we do?

Looking at our fabulous menu we’ve a lot more to offer, but the question we ask is, what do you want, you, our guest? Should we cut down? It’d give us even more time to concentrate on sourcing, butchering and cooking your favourite dishes.

It’s our dinner party and you’re attending. Tell us what you’d like; More or less choice? More meat? Less fish? A special favourite of yours?

Tweet us, email us or simply book a table come in and tell us how you’d like your onions.

We need your help!

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