Make us yours

What do you want from your community?

For me it’s a sense of belonging, a sense of friendship and something that I can call “mine”.

I don’t want a Mr Big supermarket, or a faceless chain pub or bar.

I want somewhere with a responsibility to the community in which it sits.

I want somewhere I can go, somewhere where people care whether I come back or not. I want somewhere where everyone who visits, is made to feel welcome, wherever they’re from. Somewhere where I’m worth something and it’s the goods that are the commodity, not me.

I want a community.

Where I live, I’ve got one. A village shop where they know my name, a local pub where they ask me “the usual?” (if my pint hasn’t already been pulled), a village green where the other dog walkers say hello. Things that i can call mine.

Let’s start this in Durham. Make oldfields yours.

We’ll remember your name, your favourite drink and even where you like to sit.

We’ll respond to your requests for your favourites on the menu.

We’ll make you feel like you belong, say hello to you in the street, remember how you don’t like your gravy touching your Yorkshire pudding.

We’re not the faceless chain, we’re yours.

Your place to eat
Your local restaurant
Your oldfields

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