Would you like me to choose for you?

It’s me, Peter.

When I go to a pub, or a bar, I more often than not, know what I’m having before I get to the actual ordering point.

“Easy!” you might say. Yeah, you’re right, my occasional pint of Stella is only sometimes interspersed with the odd gin and tonic. But, after watching a couple in front of me, waiting at a trendy bar on Saturday, this “easy” thing to do was carried out as if it were an exam on which life depended. I nearly asked if they’d like me to order for them.

After much deliberation and the sampling of a couple of house bitters they ended up with two orange juices, oh and a packet of beefy crisps!

Look at it this way, most bars and restaurants make it easy for you.
They display their ‘wares in huge, well-lit fridges or displays and most restaurants (like us) even give you a list of our products, for the uneducated, we call it a menu.

Still though, many people still don’t know what they want.

To us, that’s not a problem, as we love recommending dishes to our guests. Actually, it’s us trying the dishes first that we really love – there’s nothing that a waiter loves more than a free sample from the kitchen.

Then we can talk to you about it, tell you about flavour, or texture, how gooey it is, or just simply how bloody good it tasted.

Often I’ve eaten out and asked the waiter what I should have, I’ve even gone as far as asking him just to order for me. I’ll eat anything, try anything (except uni-cycling, because although it looks exciting I’m not sure I’d want to try it) so asking the waiter to pick gives me a sense of excitement, waiting for my surprise starter and main. And I tell you what, I might really like something I would never have picked.

Next time you’re eating with us, try it, you won’t be disappointed. We might even surprise you! You might even hear our staff asking you the question, “Would you like me to choose for you?”

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