December Supper menu

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……


Pork scratchings with Bramley apple sauce
Bread and salted butter (V)

Game chips, chicken salt
Whipped butterbeans and chickpeas with flatbread (V)
Gold Tankard battered onions, mayo (V)

Crispy pigs ears

Vegetable crisps (V)

Horseradish nuts (V)

All £2.80


Curried Teesdale mutton, natural yoghurt £6.90

Parsnip and Jerusalem artichoke soup (V) £5.50

Butterbean and cider casserole, field mushrooms (V) £5.50

Beef hash cake, pickled salad, HP sauce £6.50

Pork head terrine, pease pudding £6.30

Salmon and prawn cocktail £6.50

Ploughmans, Keen’s cheddar, hens egg £5.00 (V)

Whipped chicken livers, Yorkshire pudding £6.00

Morden Blue and leek tart £6.00 (V)

Mackerel pate, pickle salad £6.50



Steamed venison and bacon pudding, peas, mash £16.80

Slow-cooked pork shoulder, fondant potato, red cabbage, apple sauce, gravy £17.00

Liver, onions, spinach, mash £13.50

Rabbit and blood cake pie, hand-cut chips £16.50

Durham lamb shank, baby veg, white wine cream £16.50

Boiled beef and carrots, horseradish potatoes £14.50

Roast turkey, Christmas trimmings, bread sauce £16.80


Sirloin steak, thick-cut chips, mushroom, tomato and watercress £20.00
The Oldfields burger, bacon, cheddar, straw chips, battered onions £13.50
Durham pork, mushrooms, tomato, watercress £16.00
Carol Peacock’s Sedgefield Camembert, chips (V) £13.50

* Add pepper sauce to your grill for £1.80


Fish pie, steamed brassica £14.50

Whole roast seabass, braised fennel, potatoes  £17.50

Smoked haddock, poached egg, pan haggerty, mustard £16.00

Pearl barley, chestnut and leek risotto, Keen’s mature cheddar £14.00 (V)

Bubble and squeak cakes, poached egg, spinach cream £15.00 (V)

SIDES (£3.00)

Creamed sprouts  Hand-cut chips

Crushed potatoes                Battered onions

Honey-roast root veg          Braised red cabbage

Steamed brassica


Apple and winter berry crumble, ice cream £6.00

Treacle tart, clotted cream £6.50

Sticky toffee pudding, butterscotch sauce £6.80

Spiced heg peg dump (plum suet pudding), custard £6.00

Mulled wine Eton mess £6.00

British cheeseboard, hand-made biscuits, port-soaked prunes £7.50

Christmas pudding, rum and raisin sauce £5.50

Ice cream selection, shortbread £5.00

Chocolate and shortbread cake, hazelnuts, cream £6.50

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