An exclusive club, just for you.

The first rule of the Real Food Club is that there is no Real Food Club.

Tell anyone and its pain of death time!

No really, tell as many people as you like, tell your friends, tell your family in fact tell whoever you like. They’ll get the same great offers as you will and when we say great offers we mean great offers.

Membership of the Real Food Club is subject to the following conditions:

1. You must be fanatical about British food.

2. Be happy to receive a monthly email offering you the earth (not really the earth, but close enough!)

3. Have the knowledge that we won’t pass your details onto anyone else.

4. Wear socks, so that we can knock them off with our great monthly offers.

We believe in our food and we want you to believe in it too. Oldfields Real Food Club is for people who love real British food. Whether your passion is growing it, cooking it or eating it – get involved.

You’ll get a membership card, which gives you a minimum 10% discount with us every time you eat, as well as a monthly offer that’ll knock your socks off. (Unless you’re a mafia henchman who wears his leather Gucci loafers without socks).

Membership is free.

Just fill in the form and collect your membership card next time you eat with us. We’ll also send you a £5 voucher to use too!

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