Party with us at Christmas

We love Christmas. We love parties. We love food, drink and all the seasonal cheer that we get throughout the Christmas period. Here’s this years party menu. It’s suited best to parties of 15 people or more. But, if there’s only 2 of you, and you really want it, then just whisper and we’ll sort … Continue reading

Lumiere 2015

It’s that time of year again… It’s Lumiere! We’re so excited, and as you know we’re so busy during the festival. We always have a special menu, to enable us to serve you as quickly as possible, so that you can get out there and see the light installations in all of their glory. Here’s … Continue reading

Tuesday is Moos-day

We love meat. Do you? Prime Durham beef burgers, free to you when you buy the sides and toppings. Fancy it? First course Today’s soup | Bread | Butter (v) Jack Sprats | Lime Mayo Calves Liver | Mashed potato | Pan fried jus £4.00 Second course 7oz Prime Beef Burger FREE – when you … Continue reading

Autumn Nights

It’s getting darker, we love it. it means that the food gets cosier.   Here’s our Evening Menu: First course Today’s soup| Bread| Butter (v) Cured Salmon | Bloody Mary rose sauce Goats cheese tart| Balsamic dressing (v) Squid | Garlic | Cream Calves Liver | Mashed potato | Pan fried jus Chicken parcels| Basil … Continue reading

Lunch on and on and on

Lunch, my favourite time of the day Here’s an Autumn lunch menu for you: 2 courses £13.50, 3 courses £15.50 First course Todays soup | Bread | Butter (v) Summer feta | Bean salad (v) Chicken parcel | Basil oil | Tomato relish Squid | Garlic | Cream ______ Second course Catch of the day … Continue reading

Sizzling Sundays

Sunday night…. You’ve done the lawn, you’ve watched the footy, you can’t be a***d to cook and you fancy a sizzling supper: Get on this £17, for 2 courses! First course  Today’s soup| Bread| Butter (v) Squid | Garlic | Cream Goats cheese tart| Balsamic dressing (v) Garlic Mushrooms All £4.50 __________   Second course … Continue reading

Squirrel anyone?

Source: Squirrel anyone?

A hidden gem of a restaurant at the Fringe

Source: A hidden gem of a restaurant at the Fringe

Blind Scouse with herb dumplings

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The vegetarian version of Scouse When writing menus, you have to be careful not to put the diners off with the descriptions you use. I guess that’s why the flesh of a pig’s referred to as pork. So we debated long and hard before using the term Blind Scouse for…

Saving your reputation

Originally posted on Bill Oldfield:
I’ve written before about the necessity of good promotion and marketing to make a restaurant successful. When most people think of marketing they think of advertising but that’s only an element of a wider marketing plan and, for many independent small businesses such as a single restaurant, advertising can be…