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Weighty matters

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So who’s fault is it? So, it’s official. Clothes are now to be sold in four sizes: small, medium large and normal. It appears that along with 60 being the new 40, fat is now the new normal. What next: uneducated being the new clever? But, weird as it may…

Lamb with swede gratin

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Lamb with swede (or turnip?) gratin and broad beans When it comes to turnips and swedes, you and I may differ about which is which depending upon the origin of our respective influences. The fact is we live in the region that straddles the change in the words’ meaning. Go…

Spring sandwiches

Next Month (May) sees us enter an important week…… It’s National Sandwich Week! We’re building towards a spectacular stunt (watch out for us in Durham market square) by re-launching our fab sandwich menu. Here’s this months selection: The Seasider: (without sand – we promise) Hard Boiled egg (get your egg devillishly hot if you want) & cool … Continue reading

April Showers in Durham? Lunch with us

Apparently this week Britain is going to be hotter than Durham. I could say that it’s always sunny in Durham but, at the moment it’s foggy! Anyway, here’s our April lunch menu: 2 COURSES £12.50, 3 COURSES £14.50 FIRST COURSE Teesdale mutton curry Today’s soup – ask staff for details Field mushroom stuffed with butterbean … Continue reading

Your call’s unimportant to us

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Oh yes, you’re call’s important to us! So you’ve decided to come to our restaurant. We’re delighted and hope that you’ll leave happy at the end of your visit. Of course, the food has to be good. It helps if it’s as least as good as expected and is a…

Wild rabbit in cider

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Rabbit in cider I’ve called this Wild Rabbit in Cider because I like the idea of using rabbits that have run free and lived a natural life prior to coming to the pot. However, being wild, the taste and texture of the meat can vary considerably from one rabbit to…


It’s Mothers Day this Sunday. Hello all Mams, Mums, Mothers, Moms, Maams & whatever else we call you. We’ve a special Sunday Lunch menu just for you. Also, if you’re a Mum (or one of the others) you can eat for free. Get the kids to take you out! 2 courses £15, 3 courses £18 … Continue reading

Smoked haddock and egg pie with a cheesy topping

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  Always a favourite on our menu, we find fish pie in any form is popular – even to those who profess not to like fish. When choosing the haddock, most fishmongers will have two sorts: one that’s slightly grey in comparison to fresh haddock as a result of the…

Delivered to your door

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A knock at the door while in the bath Sometimes a knock on the door is the last thing you want to hear. You’re busy, you’re in the bath, you’re getting ready to go out. We’ve all been there, one foot in your pants, hair dripping wet, trying to find…

Mobile phones in restaurants

Originally posted on Bill Oldfield:
Mobile phones have changed the world. I know hardly anyone without one these days; even most diehards who, two or three years ago, swore they’d never get one are now surfing the web and texting while on the go. It’s been an incredible revolution over, I guess, the last 20…


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