Oxford. One of our rare-breed pigs.

A bit of an admission…

It’s 8pm, on a rainy Tuesday night and I’m at home cooking for me and the girlfriend. I’m cooking risotto. Chicken and chorizo to be precise. I’ve got BBC 6 Music and Mark Radcliffe on the wireless and I tell you what, it’s so so so thereputic. The stir, stir, stir, in a wonderful figure … Continue reading

We serve drinks too….!

Whilst we’re renowned for our great British menu. We also get plaudits for our super drinks list. So I thought I’d share it with you: WHITES (175ml|250ml|750ml) GOOD Jean de Vignes; France £4.75/£5.95/£16.50 BETTER The Gavel Chardonnay; Australia £5.00/£6.35/£19.90 GREAT Trulli Pinot Grigio; Italy £5.25/£6.85/£20.50  GREATER Niel Joubert Chenin Blanc; South Africa £5.80/£7.20/£22.00 SMASHING Forrest Sauvignon Blanc; New Zealand £6.80/£9.20/£27.50 BEST  Chablis … Continue reading

3 courses for less than £20!

Take a look at our new Set Priced evening menu, it’s great value without compromising on quality: 2 Courses £17.95, 3 Courses £19.95 Sunday to Friday, 7pm-10pm ~~~ First course Soup: changes daily, ask the staff for details (v) Mussels: in a fresh garlic cream Mushrooms: in rustic roll with garlic (v) Pressed pork: Bramley … Continue reading

Planning without permission

Originally posted on Bill Oldfield:
The well-known restaurant on Claypath in Durham Driving back from London late one Sunday evening a few weeks ago, I found the A1 closed for maintenance somewhere in the depths of Northamptonshire or Nottinghamshire or some other such sounding place. Annoying. You somehow think that because you’ve chosen a quiet…

Lunchtime and Early Evening

Are you one of those who “Lunch out”? Or maybe you’re one of our “Earlybirds”? Whichever you are, we’ve a lovely menu for you this month: 2 courses £13.50; 3 courses £15.50 First course Soup: Today’s choice – ask the staff Goats cheese: in a tart with house salad (v) Pressed pork: Bramley apples & … Continue reading

April Menu

Welcome to April! Great month for food, great month to start foraging and looking for your food. We’ve welcomed back some old favourites that we know you all love: First course Chicken: in pastry with apple chutney Soup: changes daily, ask the staff for details (v) Mussels: in a fresh garlic cream Fishcakes: Smoked fish, … Continue reading

FREE STEAK – Seriously!

It’s true. We’re giving away steak. But only on a Tuesday, 5pm – 8pm. Hence the name: Free Steak Tuesday. Simply buy 3 side orders and a sauce and get a free 8oz Flat Iron steak.You can even upgrade to a Rib Eye for just £5.00. Simple as that. Here’s our menu: FIRST COURSE Sardines: … Continue reading

Mothering Sunday – Mam eats FREE!!

Is it Mam, Mum, Mother, Mom, Mamma, Mammy or Mummy? Whatever it is, she’s got a big day coming soon….Mothering Sunday on March 15th. Book a table with us and Mam Eats Free – Book Now Here’s this year’s Menu: 2 courses £15, 3 courses £18 First course Soup: Sundays choice – ask the staff (v) … Continue reading

Lunch in March

Lunchtimes are great, especially this time of year. Some great produce is sprouting, and we’re relishing using it. Here’s our March Lunch Menu, just for you.. 2 courses £13.50; 3 courses £15.50 First course Soup: Today’s choice – ask the staff (v) Blue cheese: from Sedgefield in a tart with house salad (v) Pressed pork: … Continue reading

Great British Grub in March

Time for our new March Supper menu. We’ve changed a little, and added a small section called “Staple Dishes”. These are the dishes that we believe (from years of research) are our best sellers. So, why change them, why don’t we give you what you want. Something that’s your all-time favourite? Here’s our lovely Supper … Continue reading


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