Oxford. One of our rare-breed pigs.

Supper during Summer

Rightio, summer is definitely here. We’ve got a fab new menu to tell you about. So, without no futher ado: FIRST COURSE Belly pork – spiced pork with beetroot & apple slaw £6.20 Mackerel – mackerel fillet & rhubarb chutney on artisan toast £5.80 Baby gem – blue cheese dressing, salted walnuts & baby gem … Continue reading

Secret Chocolate (Not Brazil) Nut Brownies

Originally posted on LondonEats:
It’s the Fourth of July, and who could resist a tray of soft, squidgy chocolate brownies? Given that we’re all a little bit obsessed with the World Cup at the moment, when I first thought of posting this, I planned to give them a bit of a tropical theme, with a…

Graduation 2014

It’s that time of year again, Graduation in Durham. Now whichever day your Congregation is, you’re bound to be hungry. Finish (or start) your day off with us. Here’s this years menu: 2 courses £27.50 / 3 courses £30.00 FIRST COURSE Belly pork – spiced pork with beetroot & apple slaw Mackerel – mackerel fillet … Continue reading

It’s time for supper in June

We’ve a lovely menu for you, so I’m not going to go on and on like I normally do Here’s our current Supper menu: First Course Yorkshire asparagus, cured ham & Hollandaise £6.50 (veg option available £5.00) Wild garlic and chilli-marinated tomatoes on Sunderland focaccia £5.30 (V) Cod sliders & tartar relish £5.00 Whipped chicken … Continue reading

Lunch? Or an earlybird dinner?

Here it is, the one you’ve been waiting for. It’s our June Lunch, Earlybird & Pre-Theatre menu. Look out for various offers either via email or via our twitter. Did you know? If you’re going to The Gala Theatre and you eat with us beforehand, you can get 25% off your food bill, just by showing … Continue reading

Don’t be fooled by processed food

Originally posted on Bill Oldfield:
It’s like a war out there. Who would you trust? After all, it’s down to you. You’re the one who’s going to determine whether you survive and ultimately succeed. It’s apparent, just by the fact that you’re reading this newspaper, that you’ve got what it takes; that you’re intelligent enough.…

Smoked haddock pan haggerty

Originally posted on Bill Oldfield:
Smoked haddock pan haggerty We’ve had pan haggerty on the menu in various guises for years. Traditionally, this Northumberland dish is vegetarian and simple to make by just baking together potatoes, onions and cheese with a touch of seasoning. Similar dishes exist in just about any country that has a…

Weighty matters

Originally posted on Bill Oldfield:
So who’s fault is it? So, it’s official. Clothes are now to be sold in four sizes: small, medium large and normal. It appears that along with 60 being the new 40, fat is now the new normal. What next: uneducated being the new clever? But, weird as it may…

Lamb with swede gratin

Originally posted on Bill Oldfield:
Lamb with swede (or turnip?) gratin and broad beans When it comes to turnips and swedes, you and I may differ about which is which depending upon the origin of our respective influences. The fact is we live in the region that straddles the change in the words’ meaning. Go…

Spring sandwiches

Next Month (May) sees us enter an important week…… It’s National Sandwich Week! We’re building towards a spectacular stunt (watch out for us in Durham market square) by re-launching our fab sandwich menu. Here’s this months selection: The Seasider: (without sand – we promise) Hard Boiled egg (get your egg devillishly hot if you want) & cool … Continue reading


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